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Uruha ~ The Drunk Composer

  • Uruha:

    It was bad that when I upped the tempo (Gabriel On The Gallows), I was doing work at home while drinking beer. When I got lightly drunk, I thought, “Might as well make it faster!” and just did it. I’m reconsidering it a bit.

  • Aoi:

    Thanks to that, it ended up really difficult (laugh).

  • Interviewer:

    Rather, I think that was good. You don’t know whether the song would have gotten this boost if it weren’t for the impetus of alcohol, so I think the listeners will welcome it.

  • Uruha:

    I’m aware that, when it comes to doing music production, there isn’t much approval for such a thing. But there’s a surprising amount of songs I made while drinking. And it’s true that if I had not made it faster, the personality of this song wouldn’t have come to life.

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These are random polaroids from several magazines.

The webside that put the watermark collect them all individually and I made this collage with all of them~

Hope you like it! 

((My edits))

These pics are all from their FC magazines…..actually PSC doesnt allow to upload FC stuffs…..but….whatever

Not all of them, for example the first ones (Cockroach outfits) are from Arena 37ºC Special Vol.23

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